I Say That You Need A Helper Because At Times It Is Difficult To Hold Parts In Place And Also Secure Them.

lets get started. I say that you need a helper because at times it is difficult to hold parts in place and also secure them. After that you can build simple mounting platforms for the batteries and controllers. How far will your electric car go on a single charge? Isn’t it time you started your own electric car conversion? · A garage, barn or shop to work in, or outside if you have to · Detailed plans of how to build an electric car · tools go to website wrenches, drills and a small hand-held grinder etc. After doing 3 conversions according to the plans we would suggest you locate a good helper as well. That should take you where you want to go between charging.

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At times having a second set of hands is a good idea. its light and strong and has plenty of room for battery storage. This was a big help to our budget minded family. Since you need about 20 batteries this latter is a major consideration. The whole process of learning how to convert petrololine to electric car takes about 2 weeks or so to complete depending on your abilities and persistence. The first time you climb in your newly built electric car you will be hooked. Did you know that gas is expected to reach $7 per gallon next year? You will need a garage or shop to work in although you can do the conversion outside in your lane way if you have to.